Germany 02-11-2014

Another untypical fall day has passed as it was extremely warm for
the time of the year.
Still the trees are shedding their leaves rapidly and the wind made sure that the stream was littered with debris.


My hotspot was not that hot at first but within half an hour the action
picked up and I got solid takes.
All small roach though with such an identical length that I started to wonder if I had caught the same fish over and over again.
Action suddenly died down so I moved on to another location that proved fishless. 


Pool number three had fish, I spotted dace and roach at the other bank but due to obstacles in the water
and on the bank I could not reach them.

Fish would take a look when the nymph passed by but there where to many leaves in the water.
I had started out late so when I hit my next target the sun was already setting.


The water had gone down to normal levels but at my usual haunts the fish where not present, again lots of debris in the water.
I had planned to visit the pub but was not sure if it would be open on 
All souls day. 


As I spotted no smoke from the chimney my worst fears came through – pub closed…, bummer ...
Allthough I do not recollect that I fished so late in the season at the stream the warm weather
will sooner or later end.