Germany 22-11-2014

Last weekend a work party was planned at the hatchery of the local syndicate.
It was early morning when I was on the road, the weather was fine and I stopped
to watch the sunrise over the nearby hills.


At the hatchery I met the local members of the syndicate.
The woodburning stove of the clubhouse was fired up to provide a warm meeting place.
My friends showed up and quite a bunch of kids where dropped off by their parents to
help with the chores of the day.

Replanting trees and digging up some old stones to make way for a small 
terrace where a bench will be installed.

Getting rid of some of the trees, soon to be replaced by evergreens. 

Trout in the mutant pool.

Feeding the trout at the hatchery.

New benches getting a clear coat.

Making short work of the tree.

The work lasted a little longer than expected, I still had planned to go fishing but judging by the 
low position of the sun in the sky I knew time would be limited.
I opted to fish an open section of the stream and noticed on arrival that fish where present.
It was pretty decent weather with the sun shining and quite some insects about.
There where even rising fish and as I did not get any hits on the nymph I soon switched to a dry fly.
As the water was quite shallow my first approaches only scattered the fish but then I managed
to catch a dace on the segde.

Catch of the day.

The more sheltered part of the stream.

In the open section I could not get any other fish to take the fly so I moved further downstream to
try my luck there.
Even in the sheltered part fish where rising and so I could sight cast to another fish.
The fish did take the fly but after a few seconds it managed to throw the fly.
I noticed plenty of fish at some of the submerged shrubs but was unable to present a fly there.
The stream was still quite high from the downpours earlier in the week and some banks where
covered with a very slippery coating of clay deposited by the flooding.

Light faded and since I had not eaten all day I went en route to the pub for dinner.
I made a few stops at the wooded section of the stream capturing the last coloring trees.

Falls end.

At the pub I installed myself in front of the fireplace and enjoyed my meal.
It was pretty amazing to see rising fish so late in the season probably due to the still very mild
temperatures for the time of year.
It would have been nice to catch some more fish but all in all I was pretty content with the day as 
good work was done at the hatchery and the attendance of the work party was good.