Czech republic - 06-2014 / 1

I was never that keen to go on a fishing trip to the Czech republic as the locations discussed gave me
nightmares about rivers full of kayaks and obnoxious people.
When the discussion among friends was raised again but another location was mentioned I changed
my mind and opted to go along.

The destination Bohemia was more or less derived from the local tackledealer A&M fishingtackle whom had
visited the area several times and written about it.
As base for our fishing trip we choose Pension Nový Hrádek which was operated by a Dutch couple.
The neat thing about the Pension was that the required Czech national fishing license plus the neccesary
permits to fish the local trout waters where arranged by the Pension - very convenient.

At first the plan was to go fishing two days but since it was a 12 hour drive from our neck of the woods
I would not even consider that option. In the end four fishing days where possible - good enough for me.
The trip to the Czech republic brought us through Dresden and Prague finally to Nový Hrádek near the
Polish border.
We unpacked our gear, got valuable information from the couple who ran the Pension and arranged to
go out eating at the pub in the local village.

IMG 3313
IMG 3312
Dinner at Restuarace na kovarne, Nový Hrádek

At breakfast the next morning our host showed us the fishing locations near the hotel on a map.
After breakfast he would take us to some of the fishing spots to get us started.
So we headed out to visit the Metuje river at the Czech/Polish border and then downstream visiting
various locations.

IMG 3329
IMG 3338
IMG 3335
Metuje at Peklo, Brazec and Nachod

The last stop on our Metuje sightseeing trip was the section at Peklo and since it was the most 
beautifull location it would be the starting point of our Czech flyfishing adventure.
Our host was ferried back to the hotel while some of us stayed behind to fish.
It was not easy to get to the fish as the spot we fished seemed to have a fairly regular shallow profile
with as major feature ranunculus patches.
At first I tried nymphing but with so shallow water a dry fly seemed a better choice.
After a while the first fish fell for a deerhair segde, small trout but fish nonethelss.

IMG 3339
IMG 3340
IMG 3341
IMG 3342

Despite a sore knee I soldiered on in search for bigger fish but I found the water eerily quiet.
With so many patches of ranunculus I had expected more action bot only small fish showed
up now and then.
The location was very pretty, the fishing pretty tough.

DSC 3881
DSC 3882
DSC 3888
DSC 3891

At the end of the day it the slow action and the sore knee made me return to the car for a break.
Allthough a small opening in the clouds promised some sunshine and maybe more insects
on the water it did not last.
The skies closed, it got dark and as I got out of my waders the heavenly sluicegates opened, it poured.
The other guys bravely tried to catch some fish but in the pouring rain it was no fun.
At the end the decision was made to seek out a restaurant for dinner and call it a day.
We ended up at the historical marketsquare of Nové Město nad Metují and enjoyed a good dinner
at restaurant Dům č. 14 , highly recommended

IMG 3344
IMG 3349
IMG 3351
IMG 3352
Nové Město nad Metují

It was late as we left Nové Město for our basecamp ant Novy Hradek, the program for the next day
would be a visit to the Úpa river which was just as the Metuje river a tributary of the Labe (Elbe) river.

To be continued ...