Czech republic - 06-2014 / 2

On fishing day nr. 2 we planned to sample the Úpa river but first we had breakfast.
The unique feature of the hotel was that it catered mainly for groups of small kids.
Appearantly a leftover from communist times the kids from the industrial cities where send off
to the great outdoors with their teachers for fresh air and excersise.
Each morning at breakfast we where greated dozens of time by the kids with the Czech phrase
dobrý den" meaning good day.

After breakfast it was time to head to the northwest to find a location on the Úpa river to fish.
Way back when before the second world war the living standard in the Czech republic was
very high but war and communist rule had changed that.
Unlike Eastern Germany the Czechs had no rich cousins to help them out so it took longer
to get the infrastructure up to standard.

This downturn was still visable today in neglegted buidlings and poor roads.

The roads ... we where with two cars .. a big one and a small one.
I was travelling with my buddy in the small car and everytime we headed in our out of the
village we had to travel over the pretty bad main road.
My buddy would curse every time we drove over that road , on the way to the Úpa we
encountered more of those roads ... more suited for a T72 than a car :-)

On the way to the Úpa I noticed something disturbing, the small ditches and streams had
water with the same color as the soil = red.
Appearantly the downpour from the previous day had continued into the night and washed
out the soil from the fields.
Once we saw the Úpa for the first time we knew instantly that fishing would not happen here.

DSC 3899
DSC 3900
DSC 3901
Úpa river

We needed a plan B, plan B meant we had to drive all the way back to our base camp and look at
the Metuje river to see if the clarity there was enough to go fishing.
When we arrived at the Metuje we could see that the water was high and visebility was minimal.
I was not eager at all to fish there, on the way to the Metuje we passed a large reservoir where a
small tailwater provided clear water fishing.
I was not sure it was a good fishing spot but the reservoir boasted clear water so I had a strong urge
to try it there instead of the murky Metuje.
I was overruled though so the Metuje it was.

DSC 3903
DSC 3908
Metuje river

I was not sure how to deal with the murky water, all I could hope for was that fish would rise which
I knew occurred now and then on flooding streams.
With the shortest flyrod of my arsenal I dropped the fly to likely spots but no fish where rising, it
all seemed pretty pointless.
There was one feature of the Metuje on this particular spot that made me thinking, it had some deeper
Since no fish was rising anyway I started to expirement with the Czech nymphing method, the rod was way
to short for that but with the murky water any fish closeby would not be able to see me so it could
actually work.
I tied on a very heavy nymph and started to fish with a short line leading the nymph at the same
speed as the current.
To my amazement it actually worked, not on the trout but on the grayling which where surprisingly present
in numbers.

DSC 3905
DSC 3907
IMG 3353
IMG 3356
IMG 3366
Grayling from the Metuje river

It took a while to get accustomed to this way of fishing but soon I could determine bites from bottom contacts.
When I talked to my buddy on the radio he mentioned he had still seen no fish so I told him to change
his tactics, it also worked for him so the day was more or less saved.

The sore knee was playing up again so I decided to stop early and head to the car to rest.
The rest of the guys continued to fish untill later in the evening but not as late as the day
before as they struggled to catch fish.

IMG 3369
Nové Město nad Metují

The choice for the dinner locations was easy, we ended up like the previous day in Nové Město
at restaurant Dům č. 14.
On this visit we wisely asked for their opening hours, they where untill late in the evening ideal for
a group of fisherman like us.
As the weather was fine all day we where pondering in we would give the Úpa river a try again but
it seemed better to leave that one for last.
Instead we would sample the Divoká Orlice river.

To be continued ...