Long range weather predictions listed last tuesday till wednesday as the last days of the 
month that would actually boast some spring like temperatures.
Having not fished in earnest this year I decided to skip work for a day and go fishing.

Last of the snowdrop bloom.

The trout season had just opened and at the water I noticed that I was not the first angler as many
spots showed tracks in the sand and even a spinner hanging in one of the bankside shrubs.
As every year somebody had probably stocked trout for the season openener and I sure would want
to catch one if the competition had not already cleared them out.
First though I was after the silver fish to break in a new flyrod I had recently purchased.
Off course I had accumulated plenty of fishing tackle over the years but when I saw a 6' #4 rod being
offered for a decent price I just could not resist.

New tools.


Despite the dry and chilly weather over the last week the stream carried more water than I had hoped for.
Allthough it would be a relative warm spring day the temperatures in the early morning where very low
so I expected any action to occur mid day.
The first spot I fished was usually a good producer for me but despite several attempts I got no takes.


At a spot where a small ditch joined the main stream I spotted hordes of roach hiding behind a
submerged brush.
Dozens of small roach fell for a small goldbead pt nymph before the fish got smart and moved 
further into the brushes.
I fished several other spots nearby but not much life was to be seen.
To be honest it was a bit early to fish as life had still to return to the land.
At least some insects where buzzing about and a lonely dace rising to surface items was a sign
of things to come.


I checked out some trout hotspots but only found other fishermen and empty water.
Guess I was not the only one that figured out the best time to go fishing.


After a while my knee injury played up which made me think that going fishing today was maybe not the
brightest idea I had lately. 
My footing was quite unsecure and moving along those steep banks did not help either.
I should have gone home but there still was this issue with trout season being open and being troutless.
Before leaving I had to give it one last shot and went to a small pool where I knew trout would be 
Normally I could spot roach and dace in the pool but this time I did not spot anything.
Still when the small gold beadhead pt-nymph headed into the water it was instantly intercepted by
a dace.
There where many dace present as I caught one of the another.


The dace where all feeding in the middle of the pool at a current seem.
Soon I had disturbed them and the bites tapered off.  
I spotted a trout earlier in a pool below the one I fished but that trout fed in the shallows and would
run into a submerged tree every time I took a look.
I was not equipped to go after that trout so instead I tried the start of the pool I fished which boasted
a pocket of deeper water.
After a few casts into the top of the pool the indicator went down and jugdging by the way the fish
fought I figured my first trout of the season could soon become fact.

Brown trout

It turned out to be my first brown trout of the season, not really big but a scrappy fighter on the 2-weight.
Mission accomplished, I could barely make it up the bank due to my issues but at least it was a nice
end of the fishing day.