Another weekend and thus another visit to the stream.
I was out and about in the morning and since it had been a clear and relatively
cold night I was in no hurry to get to the water.
The sunlight was just about to burn the fog away on this crisp fall morning.


Off course I had to stop to see how the hornets where doing, the power of the sun was already
strong enough to keep them flying on and off to the hive.


It really looked like it would be a nice day, typical fall weather with a calm sky.


Again my plan was to fish the mill pool but on arrival it seemed that others had the same idea.
This time I had my wading gear with me and although it did not look pretty I managed to get myself
without assistance in my wader and wading shoes.

Pretty surprised to see a tent on the premises, turned out some of our juvenile club members had
done an all-nighter. 
They had pulled out a couple of trout but where not all too excited about the results, still they
enjoyed themselves and judging by the beer bottles they would not die of thirst either.

During the week the rains had come down in force but luckily the peak flow was well
before the weekend.
A look at the stream and pool showed that although still carrying a lot water the color was 
pretty decent.

With the mill pool being pounded by the worm drowners I figured I might better look for action in the 
The first deep hole behind the outflow of the mill pool seemed like a good place to start.
The depth was sufficient enough to do some close quarter nymphing as the water also still
somewhat off-color.
Although the hole was small it housed a surprising number of fish.


The camping kids would leave the mill in the afternoon so I decided to fish the main stream instead
and checked out some of the deeper spots.
Fish where everywhere be it trout as the other species where probably still in flooding mode hiding somewhere.


The elderly couple who lived in mill wanted some trout for dinner so I took a few of the stocked trout for
the table.
The kids had gone but their place was quickly taken in by some seniors trying their luck.
A look at their faces gave me the impression that fishing did not go that well.
When I caught my bag limit trout in the pool on my fly outfit it got noticed.
I later heard from the mill inhabitants that somebody complained that the fly guy caught all the good fish :-)

I took a short break and headed back into the stream.
More people where now visiting the mill just to stake out the grounds and decide if it would be
worth to purchase the special ticket required to fish there.
Under the watchful eye of some of my fellow clubmembers I fishing the hole behind the outflow again
and it still yielded some fish using short nymph tactics.

It got a little too crowded for me at the pool so I retreated back into the stream where I 
finally encountered some of the other fish species I was looking for.


In the afternoon I felt the need for a good lunch so I got out of my wading gear and headed
straight for the pub where I had all the time of the world to get something to eat and drink.
Fishing had been pretty good and maybe it was time to call it a day, still I pushed on.
Maybe the evening would see some surface action and it would surely be nice to catch a fish on the
dry fly so late in the season.

Some of the dace where rising but difficult to reach by fishing from the shore.
The wind had picked up during the day and as the leaves where falling the surface of the mill pool
was not exactly a great spot to drop a dry fly.
A change to a small nymph yielded one fish but action was very slow.
The sun was about to set and as it was the end of September the temperature dropped pretty quick in
the last daylight hours.
With the bats on the wing it was time to call it a day, a beautiful day.