As the season winded down = the fishing permits ran out at the end of the year I was
still hoping for a last chance to fish the stream.
The unusually warm weather had been accompanied by boatloads of rain so the stream had not seen
its average level since this month’s beginning and any chance to fish slowly faded away.
With the end nearing I chanced it and went on a last trip despite the high water.
Although the feeders were clean the main stream still pushed a lot of water and clarity was reduced.


With the high temperatures and the bleak sunshine I was hoping for some midge activity and rising fish
but the wind was just blowing too hard for that.


At one of my favorite nymphing spots the sand was lying high on the banks indicating how high the
stream had been flowing during the last couple of weeks.


At many of my favorite spots the current was that strong that my regular tungsten nymphs where 
probably not reaching the right depth in time to be successful.
In one of the deeper pools a quiet eddy yielded a first bite on the nymph and a very nice roach
surfaced, it was a good fish and off course I was happy that skunk was avoided.


Fishable spots where scarce but I found another one upstream where I found yet another slow
flowing pocket of water that could produce fish.
It took quite a while to get a bite but eventually I managed to catch another roach and a small dace.


I carefully scouted the stream at several spots for any fish activity but nothing showed itself.
The slow moving sections above the watermill would probably have yielded some fish but there were just too
many dog-walkers around to concentrate on fishing.


Late in the afternoon I called it quits and headed for a last time this year to the pub for a meal.
As I ran into acquaintances my pub time eventually outnumbered the fishing time but it was interesting
to listen to the old timers about the good old times when the outhouse of the pub emptied right in the stream,
well .. maybe all was not good in days past


So this was my season in Germany, in the Netherlands it still continues and I might try to catch a pike
one of these days if those blasted rains would just stop.