The weeks persistant rains accumulated such an amount of water that my beloved 
stream in Germany was bursting out of its banks, no use in going there.
So for the first time since ages I fished a body of water in my own country for a change.

Each morning as I went to work I passed along a dead canal that was used by the coarse
fish as an overwintering spot because it provided shelter from the elements.
In the evening time you could often see rising fish in the water and this had not
gone unnoticed by the predatory fish that inhabited the canal.

Allthough it was stormy last Sunday I deciced to go out fishing for a couple of hours at the canal.
My intended quarry was perch which had to be located first as they where moving up and down
the canal probably in pursuit of the baitfish concentrations.
Perch could be big in the canal but up to now I only caught the smaller specimens with the larger
ones only following my fly.
As it was a well known spot fishing pressure was great and the fish would probably be wary
about any artificial lure passing by.


As I arrived somewhat late in the morning the first spin fisherman was already on the scene
tossing a twister accross the canal. 
He had encountered two small pike but had not caught any perch yet.
I fished the same stretch with a 6-weight rod, sinking line and a polar minnow and was quite
quickly into my first fish.
Things where going really well with a decent amount of bites and a few caught fish.


I left the dead end section of the canal for a while and concentrated fishing the nearby
No life to be seen in the water and all that wind had surely mixed up the otherwise
so clear water.
As I returned to the dead end section of the canal I noticed at least three new anglers on
the scene.
One of the nearest guys was actually running to his buddy with a large net but I could not
spot any fish being landed.
When I spoke to them later it turned out one of the guys had a large pike on that managed
to get rid of the large plug at the last moment, must have been a heartbreaking moment.


I continued dredging the canal with the polar minnow and my own adaptation of a bend
back streamer made out of SF blend and managed a few more fish.
The wind was pretty bad and allthough it was quite warm I did feel that some warmer
clothing might have been in place due to the wind.
Later in the afternoon as the light was fading I noticed the first activity of fish in the 
surface so something was going on.
By that time though I had expirienced enough wind for the day so I called it quits.
No monster perch caught yet but maybe we get some shots this month or next year.