Although it was early this morning I figured I was pretty well prepared for a little canal session.
Once on the water I noticed I had left my landing net at home.


My high hopes of fish activity where not justified as the canal looked pretty dead and
I did not receive one nibble on the fly.
That unusually high temperature for the end of December surely did not convince the
to seek shelter in the dead end canal.


Even the geese seemed to have lost their way as they were flying around in circles.
The perch had to be found but whatever I tried I just could not get a single bite.
The last time at the canal it was fish after fish but now total silence.
In the end I figured the fly I fished might be to big so I switched to a smaller pattern.
That actually worked but instead of the perch I hooked a pretty decent pike.


As I was fishing for perch with small flies I had no wire trace so I figured in the end the pike
would sever the line but the fish was properly hooked out of reach of the sharp teeth.
Without the landing net I just had to perform the gill grip but the pike saw that coming and
with a last rush of energy it shook its head and severed the line.


The dead end section was out of bounds now as the perch had obviously moved so I tried
the marina instead.
I actually saw a perch following the fly or better said a perchlette as it had the same size
as the fly but was still intend on grabbing it.
My last resort was the section of the marina where the wind had pushed a lot of debris in
one corner.
I knew it as a shallower part of the marina with quite clear water.
I took only a few retrieves before I was into another pike, this time a smaller specimen.
The pike went airborne but once again it was hooked outside of harms way and with the
low bank I could release the fish without losing my fly.


I checked out other parts of the marina but no life was to be seen, all dead.
Clouds brought rain in the afternoon and light rain began to fall.
It was not that late in the day but light was getting low and with the lack of bites
I just called it a day.