On a scouting trip to the Ems river, graciously invited by the local angling club.

Lovely water, tough fishing if you are a first timer down there.
The transition was a bit too much for me ... small stream to big water with a 
heavy current. 
The tip was to reach the other bank and fish from there but the current was 
despite the low water so great that I felt a swim was close by so I doubled
back to my own bank.
There where bugs on the water but fish where only rising very sporadically.
This particular part of the river was called the trout stretch and well, I spotted
one going airborne twice in front of me.
Could not get a bite though and the best I could do was getting one roach
in a quiter pocket of water.
My friends also had no luch except for some small dace on wet and dry flies.
Excellent catering by the local club who provided a barbecue for us in the
afternoon with plenty of drinks.
We went back to the river in the afternoon but where drove off the water
for a while when a thunderstorm passed.
I guess I was underprepared and undergunned to fish this water.
If I ever have a chance to go back there I will take the 6-weight and tie up
some ultra heavy scud patterns to battle the strong current.
Still a very good day with good people, nice to see some other types of
water in my neighborhood.