As I had joined the work party last week and prospected our new pond with all the carp
in it my plans for the weekend where to get the trout I missed last week and try to catch
my first carp on the fly at the pond.

What I had not taken into account was the fact that the weather turned on us.
It started just in time on Friday and before you knew it the temperatures dropped from
a balmy 27C to 10C the next day. 
Wind and some rain where added also and we got some totally different to cope with.

I tried my hotspot early in the morning but this time no fish where present.
With the extreme low water and exposed banks I looked at some spots otherwise
not reachable but had to take care not to sink in the muck.


The water was in fact so low that at another spot I could climb down and walk
on the stones exposed at the bank to make a more stealthy approach at 
a spot where I had seen a couple of trout.


Even with the stealthy approach the fish where on to me as the water was extremely low.  
Many spots I could I have fished under normal circumstances where now empty, just too
shallow and I guess gone forever.


It was early as I moved into the village where at one bridge massive numbers of
dace and roach would hold in the almost stagnant waters.
Many fish where lined up there but the nymph travelled through them like it was a ghost.
In the end I tried a small segde and got one dace, the school of fish dissappeared 
though to safer places.
Darks skies and the chilly wind kept the fish down so I moved further upstream.


The shallow section upstream was a good spot for the dry but with the wind and
low temperatures it was useless to fish there.
This only left a weir as the last interesting spot in the village.
The nymphs did not do anything there so I figured I might toss in a small streamer to
scout for any predatory fish willing to chase the fly.

That worked as I had several hits on the fly, it was the same fish that tracked the fly
time after time but did not take.
I did get a fish from another spot at the weir and it was the most acrobatic brown trout
I had seen for a long time, jumped like a tarpon :-)


Before I would leave further afield I tried the nymph once more and with a little adjustment regarding depth and currents I managed a little trout and a dace.


For this day I had taken with me bread and some bread flies to fish the newly aquired pond of our fishing club.
I had it all for myself but as expected the weather had put the carp down and 
even the chumming did not convince them to feed on top.
All that lasted was to get that trout that had eluded me last week.
With the water so low I could access the spot with the boots I had on by wading through a shallow spot in the stream.


This time though no rising fish where to be seen at the pool where last week
a fish was clearly rising regularly.
I fished the pool thoroughly but had nothing to show for.
By now the wind was blowing full force in the afternoon and rain showers fell.
I was closed properly for the occasion but still looked forward to a pub visit
where I could warm at the fire.


After my usual lunch at the pub I was ready to go out for a last fishing session and well I did
a little poaching as I fished a spot which was off-limits to me.
Nobody was looking though and so I hoped to hook some of these big dace that where usually present at that spot.
It was a pleasant surprise that something else hit the little nymph I was fishing and allthough the fish
was rather ugly it was fun getting it on the four weight.


Even though it was cold, raining and blowing like hell I did noticed for the first time this season that a lot of the big mayflies where on the water.
The fish also noticed as I noticed a big wake in front of me when a large fish nosed up 
in the surface to take a natural.


A few casts with a large mayfly pattern did not get the desired reaction from the fish but a small nymph did ...


So the last hour after the pub visit turned out to be the golden hour and brought a surprising number of large trout to the surface.
I still had time to revisit some of the spots I felt could yield more fish in the morning but decided to call it a day
as it could not get any better than this.
The last task I set myself was to get a picture of the local bird of prey that always sat on 
a tree near the place I fished
so I carefully scouted the forest in order to spot it before it spotted me.
Again a big fail as I had not noticed that it sat on a fence post right in front of me, you can guess the outcome.
The only thing I spotted was the supplier of the material used in most of the nymphs I tied.


Best day on the stream so far and might make a visit this monday to see if I can 
get some more fish before the working week starts again.