Last Saturday I had two appointments and I had to choose which one I should honor.
Appointment one was the annual breakfast and fishing with the flyrodders from over the border,
always a lot of fun although the fishing was never that great as it was foremost a social outing.
Appointment two was a working party at the recently leased pond of my German fishing club.

In the end I choose number 2 as I had volunteered for pond duty but had not attended a single
outing because I was on vacation.
As I was early that morning I could still sneak in an hour of fishing at a spot I should not
have been but it was the nearest spot of deep water in the vincinity of the pond.
Despite the depth (only 2/3 ft.) the fish spotted me and moved further away so I had to make
some longer casts with the two weight to get things going.
After donating a few nymphs to the rocks I caught some small dace and yet another little brown trout.


I had to leave pretty soon for the pond that used to be a resevoir for the local fire brigade.
The pond had been neglected for 15 years and a lot of work was in the planning to bring it into
shape, I think they had set aside two years for the works to complete.

The main reason to lease the pond was opportunity and the fact that the youth members of the
club would have a stillwater right at their doorstep to fish in.
An old derelict shelter had already been torn down and a base for the new shelter had been
build in April.
The new shelter was graciously sponsered by a local construction company 
which provided materials and manpower.
As the club had some good craftsman amongst it ranks construction went pretty smooth and
after a half days work the basic construction with roof was standing.


One of my fellow clubmembers had been appointed groundskeeper for the pond and told me what the plans where for this little gem.
This pond was spring fed but one side of the bank (more like a dam) was unstable so it had to 
be fixed as the fear was that it could break and flush out the pond.
The overflows had to be improved, trees had to be cut and in general the banks had to be mowed and improved.

The pond had been unattended for 15 years, during that time lots of silt had filled in the pond.
Before any fish stocking the pond had to be dregded and that would be a risky business with
the unstable banks and the amount of silt present.
Inquiries where however on the way and one interested party for the work would be visiting the pond in the coming weeks.
At this point the main inhabitants of the pond where carp, zander (walleye) and a host of small 


In the afternoon I left the working party as remaining chores where best left to the roofers and trained carpenters.
I had skipped the barbecue at the pond as I had planned to visit the pub that for some unearthly reason 
turn out to be closed on this summer like day.
Seemed I had turned up an hour or so too early, in order to kill the time I visited the elderly couple at the local watermill and was invited for coffee.
Eventually the pub opened and I ordered my usual choice of food and drink. 
It was quiet at the pub, thats what you get with late opening hours :-)

Just before sunset I tried the stream for a decent trout of any fish for that matter 
but it all seemed pretty dead.
There was one spot where I noticed a rising fish amongst the debris now floating in abundance on the water.
I was pretty sure it was a trout but there was no way on earth I could put a fly on 
that spot from the bank.
Location was noted however so maybe I will have a go at this fish next week.
With a little wading I might get this fish afterall.


As it has been too cold for the season here and warm weather has just arrived (for the moment)
I think it will take a time before fishing picks up.