Today I tested a light rod setup at the home waters, this setup consisted out of an Orvis clearwater 6'#2 with a small reel and a WF2F line.
It was my second #2 rod as I strived to always get at least two indentical setups per lineweights.
As I had not been at the stream for some time I noticed that things where different, a lot ...
Seemed the recent removal of a weir downstream had increased the current and lowered the waterlevels, it all just felt and looked different.


My hotspot still had fish though, besides a couple of carp the roach where thick and I pretty soon had two of them on a small nymph.


The shallow water and the racket caused by the captured fish made the rest of the school leave for safer places and so it was time to move.
At the next spot the low water table was not helpfull in catching fish but at least a small 
dace and a roach came to the surface.


As I was early I visited a spot with slow moving water in the middle of the town.
It turned out just as I had hoped, the dace where picking through the debris in the surface.
I could target several fish with a small segde and landed a few more dace.


In search for stocked trout I left the village and checked out some of the more rural spots of the stream but no signs of trout or other fish in the skinny water.


I spotted the deer tracks but the deer spotted me ...


As it was late in the day I had the plan to visit the pub but opening hours where not yet at hand so
I picked out one of the lookout spots on a nearby hill for a small break.


Before I entered the pub I first checked out a spot at the stream that had yielded larger dace for me in the past. 
Since it was relatively shallow I pondered if I should use a dry fly but the blossoms and other debris from 
the trees where falling like snow so I choose the nymph instead ... and caught my first little brown trout of the season.


The pub ... well it turned out that they had changed opening hours ... earlier now due to the season.
It was good to hear that the landlady had stocked up on dark wheat beer. 
Standard menu ... standard pics :-)


On the way home I made a stop not so far upstream from the removed weir.
All the exposed stones used to be under water but now exposed.
There where still some fish rising but approach was impossible as the fish could see you coming for miles.


First day on the stream in perfect weather, I just have to do something about the size of those fish though :-)