If I had believed the weatherforecast I would have stayed home but well ... I did not.
The whole day rain scenario turned out to be a light drizzle at most so I could happily drop 
small nymphs in the stream scouting for fish.

The water was off color but fish where present and surprisingly I hooked a rudd which is kind
of rare in this stream.
Could not get into anything large with the exception of the dace I hooked from underneath a bridge.

The bankside vegitation is now so high that you can hardly get to the water let alone toss a fly with a short fly rod.
I was fishing the chub stretch today which lies well downstream from my usual haunts.
Eventually I got a chub but only a small one, the carp size chubs still eluded me.

In the afternoon I took an extended break at the pub near my home waters.
I got into the waders to fish a particular spot where I should not fish but with the
now darkening skies I gambled that no one would be about to spot me.
Fish where rising and after hooking a few dace I got into a brown trout.
The brown trout threw the hook but interestingly it was accompanied or rather chased
by a much larger specimen.

Knowing the location of the large trout I tried the dry fly with no results so I
switched to a small nymph that did the trick.
This brown trout was strong and rare for brown trout around here it jumped several times.
With the light tippet and barbless hook I thought it would be over quickly but 
despite the best attempts of the trout I could land the fish.
I tried for more fish but the wind suddenly picked up and the rains started in earnest
so I ran for cover back to the pub and waited it out.