It has been pretty hot here lately and the lack of rain has been taking a toll on the fishing
as the stream carries very little water.
As is the case often with this summer weather the extreme heat often causes massive
thunderstorms that abruptly end a series of hot days.
On the last days of August the weatherservice once again issued a weather warning but
I went fishing anyway and was lucky enough that the storms did not materialize in the
area I was out on about.

Work on a bypass of a mill in the upper reaches of my stream had caused the water to
drop to the lowest point I had ever seen so I started the day on section of another club
way downstream. 
Very odd was the fact that I spotted loads of European bream (Abramis brama) on the move
and even caught a few of them on sight - rarely managed that.
Not a great fighter but still one of the heavyweights of the stream besides the carp.



After the bream I did have a few other smaller fish and as I had seen a pike in the water a week earlier I tossed a 

small zonker streamer in the deeper pools in hope of a pike attack.
Unfortunately the best I could do was a small perch.

The clear skies of the morning quickly showed signs of thunderclouds developing and as the brutal sun got to me
in the open landscape I opted to head to my shaded upstream spots.
If all hell would break loose I would have at least to chance to sit it out in the pub.
The upper sections yielded the usual mix of dace and roach now concentrated in the few deeper spots that where
left after the drought. I even caught some brown trout for a change again.



I made the pub in one piece and although it got quite cloudy at times the skies cleared later in the day.
All that fishing really de-hydrated a person but there is nothing better than zipping away at a cool wheat beer
in the shade of the pub.


Thunderstorms avoided and all in all a very fine summers day that brought various fish to the net.