Today my fishing plans where to the fish the mill pool of my German fishing club.
Normally off limits but at the end of the year open when buying a special permit.
intended to fish for shiners, perch and the odd left over stocked trout but it turned
out not quite as planned.
I arrived on the water just after the stocking crew, they dumped a boatload of trout
in the mill pool so it was pretty clear what I would catch.
Well not exactly as I had forgotten my landing net and even though I managed to hook
the largest brown trout of my season on the 2 weight it all went south when after the
drill I wanted to grab the fish .... and so the fish was gone ...
Just near sunset I got another major pull just under the weir of the mill and it was 
again a massive fish.
It did not last long even though I had a very sturdy tippet on, still no match for a 
northern pike.
But as they say " hope springs eternal", I have got another ticket for the pool for tomorrowand
even though the weather will be nasty I think I might manage a fish or two.

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