And again at the mill pool but this time with competition from the meat fisherman.
Word got out that trout had been stocked and before you knew it the folks you never
see at the river came out of the woodwork.
I was unable to make a decent drift with the nymph because of the guys, girls and kids
tossing very crude tackle almost at my feet.
Perseverance paid off though and when the circus was over and the people left I started
catching fish again. 
The day started breezy and clear but it the rain was pretty thick at the end of the day
and I guess fall has really started now as it was chilly.
Still got the last trouting trip of the season coming up next week and the predicted weather
has been changing by the week ... now the temps are halve as what they predicted last
week so I guess some insulating clothing might be in order :-)

 photo P1020097_zpsyfov2xxa.jpg photo P1020098_zpsqqauaw61.jpg photo P1020099_zpsb5bgqec3.jpg photo P1020100_zpskwhsy9ye.jpg photo P1020101_zpsac6lr2di.jpg photo P1020102_zps0h8geybe.jpg photo P1020103_zpssspqsmki.jpg photo P1020104_zpstm3g11pu.jpg photo P1020105_zpsly1scslm.jpg photo P1020106_zpspqrjaphw.jpg photo P1020108_zpsatk5pysr.jpg photo P1020109_zpsqcctwagr.jpg photo P1020111_zpszk6jx9rd.jpg photo P1020113_zps9wkmpins.jpg photo P1020121_zps5uvhjy8l.jpg photo P1020122_zpsssosom2a.jpg photo P1020125_zpshcou51qo.jpg photo P1020126_zps0otl6jbp.jpg photo P1020127_zps0aywk5fa.jpg photo P1020128_zpsc12egtc5.jpg photo P1020131_zpsnebnnnyk.jpg photo P1020136_zpsonmo6qez.jpg photo P1020142_zpsfpddlmc1.jpg