Went now the third time on a trout trip to the same place and everytime
the water gets clearer and lower as it has not rained here decently in months.
Fishing gets really difficult and the fish can spot you for miles but the deeper
pools still yield fish from time to time.
Nymphing has really failed me at this spot as the trout and grayling seem to 
ignore all my offerings.
A few good downpours might get the action started again but no rains predicted in
the coming weeks just as I have booked a few days for a fourth trip.
Still highly enjoyable though as the weather was perfect and the catering well ... 
we always seem to pick the right places :-)

 photo DSC_5590_zpskkynyeco.jpg photo DSC_5599_zpsgvfj0dy9.jpg photo DSC_5603_zpskzalyxfr.jpg
 photo DSC_5614_zpskuni8ise.jpg
 photo DSC_5619_zpslq7wwxja.jpg
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