As the opportunity was raised for a last trout trip before the season closed on the 20th. this month
I decided to grab the chance for a last session in the mountains.
The last visit to the HSK area was enjoyable and with fall in full swing I thought it most convenient to
visit the place for the fourth time with one my fishing buddies.

Alas the rains still had not materialized and now it was the fourth month in a row with no meaningful precipitation = low and clear water.
The weather forecast … I guess it is universal … only good for a few days.
The promised golden October with warm temperatures was a complete miss and so we ended up
with fog and low temperatures.

Fishing was not always easy especially if you had to share the water with inconsiderate anglers
whom enter the water just in front of you sending the fish scattering in all directions.
A-holes where unfortunately an universal occurrence also.

But enough whining, despite the challenges it all panned out pretty well and as this was the fourth visit I knew
that the dry fly and longer casts where the tool to get to the fish.
Insect wise the caddis where the ticket and I was glad that I finally hooked some of the big grayling
that where so lethargic during my previous visits to the same water.

I guess this was the last trout trip but the grayling season is open all year so not sure if I might
get up there again. If the weather is not extremely cold I might be tempted...

 photo IMG_20161006_090454_zpscfd4clv6.jpg photo DSC_5802_zpss3sig5dm.jpg photo DSC_5808_zpsgwow3mhi.jpg photo DSC_5809_zpsh121yibx.jpg photo DSC_5811_zpswatir6al.jpg photo DSC_5812_zpsxlomj9xn.jpg photo DSC_5815_zpsap8x7rjf.jpg photo DSC_5819_zps4yikps7o.jpg photo DSC_5829_zps5mhtxwgo.jpg photo DSC_5830_zpskcpj0ecd.jpg photo DSC_5834_zpscssntjr5.jpg photo DSC_5838_zpsa1ui5uzf.jpg photo DSC_5842_zpsi4lul6zr.jpg photo IMG_20161007_141033_zpsaljrq0ju.jpg photo DSC_5845_zpsulpg3hph.jpg photo DSC_5846_zpskx1anoob.jpg photo DSC_5847_zpsehfwi9ba.jpg photo DSC_5849_zps9uxtzhsh.jpg photo DSC_5851_zpsmdnxbrkh.jpg photo DSC_5855_zpstu6mapz9.jpg photo DSC_5858_zpst0ym5p5l.jpg photo DSC_5861_zpsw3qix2am.jpg photo DSC_5864_zpsx2sr7ljt.jpg photo DSC_5870_zpsu8bnhtif.jpg photo DSC_5872_zps3xt1hwki.jpg
 photo DSC_5873_zps65mpwfmr.jpg
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