I guess I boldly stated that I had made the last trip to Germany's Sauerland region
the last time but well it was not.
One of my friends was asking me if it was too late in the season to go there again
and I could only reply that it was not.
Trout season had indeed closed down but some streams that had grayling in them
had an extended season as the grayling season is closed in March and April.
So off we went for a couple of days in the mountains where the foliage was 
blowing of the trees in a rather quick pace.
Less pressure of other anglers now and fish still responding well to the dry fly as
sedges where often about in numbers.
I could say that this was the last trip as winter is coming and the area visited is
known as a place for winter sports but well, you never know :-)

 photo DSC_5925_zpsq4paz9bt.jpg
 photo DSC_5927_zpsx1eenuob.jpg photo DSC_5936_zpsmnnfsthd.jpg photo DSC_5940_zpsau3kb1j5.jpg photo DSC_5945_zpsukzox6pl.jpg photo DSC_5953_zpssrflnnen.jpg photo DSC_5954_zps3sfhlgkm.jpg photo DSC_5958_zpsgbk2yjxm.jpg photo DSC_5963_zpsqg7mdzyj.jpg photo DSC_5967_zpscgjzwypg.jpg photo DSC_5969_zpssb7cgq22.jpg photo DSC_5976_zpsbxcq6rg4.jpg photo DSC_5977_zps9goxpqmu.jpg photo DSC_5981_zpsfrf4mzll.jpg photo DSC_5985_zpsfgwjahub.jpg photo DSC_5989_zpsfmtigbwi.jpg photo DSC_5991_zpst2krrys6.jpg photo DSC_5993_zpsar8adsbx.jpg photo DSC_5996_zpsiq0io1hd.jpg photo P1020223_zpsirunapv7.jpg photo P1020226_zpszhprrj3x.jpg photo P1020228_zpslcduetfq.jpg photo P1020229_zpsbctkhowk.jpg photo DSC_6026_zpsjidktzwq.jpg photo DSC_6039_zps7ek72bpz.jpg photo DSC_6044_zps22tsfqi7.jpg photo DSC_6052_zpsm2fh8ovd.jpg photo DSC_6061_zpsprdognzv.jpg photo DSC_6067_zpsui8wo1jf.jpg photo DSC_6070_zpsfniysnfo.jpg photo DSC_6073_zpsuuym1zef.jpg photo DSC_6081_zpsh08ozsb9.jpg
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