Took the day off to have another shot at the mill pool before it is closed as trout season ends here
on Oct. 20th.
The day started chilly, bright and very windy and for some moments I thought a little extra layer of 
clothing might have been in order.
The stocked rainbow trout where nowhere to be seen and so I concentrated on catching the shiners
that now ventured freely in the mill pool again without the risk of being chased by hordes of trout.
As the elderly couple had requested a few trout for the table I went to look for them and found
out that fishing the nymph was not the ticket to catch them.
Tossing a streamer under the mills weir showed me the rainbows where still about and in the
end I managed to catch two of them.
I guess there where more but most of them where already cleared out of the water by fellow anglers
in the previous weeks.
I continued nymphing and got into the shiners again when suddenly I hooked something larger.
Again I was into a large brown trout with the 2-weight and as I did not wanted to make the same mistake
as last time I carried a net and took the time to fight the fish.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and clouds rolled in making the fishing a chilly affair.
I was invited in by the inhabitants of the mill and got the bad news that the adjecent pub would be closing
down as the lease was not extended - bummer.
I had noticed that the service at the establishment had been going downhill in recent month and now I
knew why.
At the end of the fishing session I wanted to head to the pub for dinner but even though they had to open
an hour earlier nobody was present so I went home.
Too bad that the couple who ran the place where slacking and I think that their attitude was a major 
reason that people would not come anymore, guess I have to search for a new place in the future.

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