As troutseason overhere ends on Oct, 20th I made one last outing to the mill pool
in the hope of catching that big brown trout that had gotten off some weeks ago.

It was an unusual warm and somewhat windy day and fish where rising quite 
early in the day ... I did however not spot any trout.
Fished the dry for most of the day and tried to coax the predators out with a
streamer but it seemed nobody was in the mood for that.
Plenty of insects about and I thought the fishing would really take off in the
afternoon but strangely it died down.
I was puzzled as I noticed many fish moving about over the shallow sandbar and
none would take interest in either dry or nymphs.

I still caught a few fish but action was slow and so I left before sunset when the
temperatures went down the drain.
The last light lit up the newly ploughed fields ... I guess we will not see that kind
of water again this year :-)

 photo P1020186_zpsws7q29cp.jpg photo P1020188_zpsylg9sh5l.jpg photo P1020189_zpsxpiiojrd.jpg photo P1020198_zps0jqbsi0a.jpg photo P1020199_zpsrtzch6n3.jpg photo P1020208_zpsy2xhizcj.jpg photo P1020209_zps0axa5onz.jpg photo P1020210_zpsjqe98fhs.jpg photo P1020211_zpsedordqfz.jpg photo P1020212_zpswccrg3n8.jpg photo P1020214_zpso1kasian.jpg photo P1020215_zpsiyff5no6.jpg photo P1020218_zpsu4oa7dpb.jpg photo P1020221_zpszrcjfdft.jpg