Headed out again to the local stream where for some reason I could not get into
fish. Only after several hours I managed the first couple of roach and dace.

I had a chat with some of my fellow anglers and it seems that somebody has recently
managed to catch quite a hefty brown trout from our little stream.
I am still hoping that one of these days I will manage to get one of these ultra-rare 27 inchers from the stream.

The first couple of chubs have been caught in the section of the stream I fish which
means that the removing of a couple of weirs has had an effect as this species
was barred from moving upstream in the past.
It should make fishing more interesting as you now might run into more surprises.

With the fine warm weather a lot of anglers where on the move and the many footprints
at the deeper pools where not exactly giving me hope but I still managed to catch a few
nice brown trout.