As my trips to the border waters where not that great lately I decided to hit the home waters
again as it just had better quality water and held more fish.
Yesterday I received a call from one of the hatchery guys asking if I would be
willing to relieve the natural pond of the big brown trout.
That call brought my plans in disarray but oh well ... somebody had to do it 
The trout had become too big and as the natural pond had no aerator their survival was
at stake.

The first few fish where easy, then they figured out something was wrong and got spooky.
Nymphs had lost their effect and so I turned to the last resort = streamers.
The streamers got most of the remaining larger trout out.
The removed fish where stocked in a different pond that had an aerator so they would
last until a later day when the fish would be stocked in our stream.

After the work was done I found the time to hit the stream which was now at the lowest level
since months and pretty clear.
Trout where not be had on the spots I fished but at least the dace and roach showed
themselves be it that the big roach where absent.
All in all a nice and productive day.