With this single hot weather day forecast I decided to have a go at my chub hotspot.
As I arrived fish where indeed rising and I messed up a couple of good bites.
Tossing the leader with the leader ring still attached was not that smart … it was too splashy.
Still I got a fish on the sedge, not the intended chub but a dace.
For some reason however the rising stopped and I could not spot a single fish anymore.
I tried fishing the cascades with a nymph but only got a very small battered dace.

Somebody in the village had obviously been feeding the ducks in town with bread as
the leftovers came floating down the stream.
Interestingly I noticed a big disturbance in the surface and spotted some hefty chub
going after the bread.
Would have loved to have a go at these fish but with the high steep banks I had not a 
change to even come near.

Overall I found surface activity to be minimal, plenty insects about especially alder flies but
the stream was surface wise like a mirror.
I checked out several spots at the lower end of the stream but could not find any signs of life.
My last stop for the day was at a spot where one of my pals had recently hooked a signal 
I spotted a boatload of bream in one of the deeper pools and drifted a flashback pheasant tail
nymph deep.
After several nibbles I finally had a good hookup and although bream do not fight spectacular 
this one earned a gold medal for resistance as it just would not give up.

At the crayfish spot I fished behind the weir of the mill, the weir was open and the water was
running fast.
I had the heavy flashback pheasant tail nymph still on and after long trying I landed a little trout.
The weir was raised and flow almost ceased, the water level dropped and so I tied on a lighter
nymph only to catch a small perch.
With the absence of any flow and no signs of larger fish about I called it a day.