This Saturday was officially a date for a working party at our hatchery but when I 
spotted our former club president actually working ... meaning bossing around all the
kids to do the work I decided I might better of just going fishing.
So I did and as the previous day had yielded so many fish I thought it might be
time to see how the headwaters where looking where fishing is tough ... because
there just are not that much fish :-)

As I had heard from friends the deep pools where all sanded in so no places 
anymore for fish to hide.
I found a few spots that boasted a little depth and as I spotted fish moving about
I was able to catch a few small shiners and a little trout.

I was close at the source of our stream, it actually is formed by a junction of two
little creeks that each have their own names.
One was no good, never had much water in it and although I checked it out for a
short distance I found it not worth too look any further.
Feeder nr.2 was also low but the good spots still existed and even though it
was not deep my hotspot still yielded some roach.
I even lost a trout, this time of better size.

At the end of the day I ended up at one of my hotspots downstream and 
did my best to get to the fish.
I still got a brown trout and a rainbow trout from the water with some added 
roach and dace.
It was chilly and windy though so conditions where not the best.

I noticed that my former watering hole is being refurbished.
A sign announced that the beer garden would be opening May 1st.
and the restaurant a few weeks later.
Maybe I will check the place out at the end of May to see if it is 
worthwhile to stop there again.

I case you are wondering what the tank car is doing in my pictures ...
Two of them have been bought by the local distillery, just for fun.
The distillery makes Korn = Schnapps ... the same stuff that used to be
transported in the tank car.
Never been at the distillery but as it was so close to our hatchery I 
decided to take a look.