It was not so long after the flash flooding at my fishing spot and the water
was still very murky.
As usual the banks of the river were slippery as hell as the deposited mud had
the consistency of grease …
My descent from the bank to the waters edge  was rather uncontrolled and ungraceful.

Grey skies and drizzle dampened the mood somewhat but despite the murky
water a very decent dace decided to take the nymph … amazing.
Today was the first test of the recently purchased Bloke glass rod build and oh what
a joy it was to cast and catch fish with that rod.

I got everything from Dace over Roach (or a hybrid) to a very decent trout and
the rod handled all situations exceptionally well.
The skies got friendly at the end of the day and even the sun appeared.
My stopover at the pub was well deserved and I ended the day making a visit
up on the hill to gaze over the land below and thinking about what a great day it was.