The weatherforecast for the weekend was not that good considering the fact it was nearly summer.
A strong breeze and rather low temperatures made it look more like fall.
No blue skies but clouds and now and then some sprinkles or rain.

As I had not visited the chub spot for a long time that would be my first port of call for this day.
I did made a stop at a weir but the water was shallow due to lack of decent rainfall and fish were
few and small.
The chub spot was equally shallow but some fish could be spotted.
I managed a dace and a small chub, the bigger chub were spotted but I just could not get near
them to make a decent cast.
The dry fly was the weapon of choice for these low water conditions.

As the open spots did not yield any more fish and the banks were by now overgrown with huge
nettles and thistles I opted to head to the forest and scout for trout instead.
After I few smaller dace and trout I finally hooked a somewhat larger fish from a pool were I had
seen a trout before. 
This time I did manage to hook the fish and was quite surprised that it was a rainbow trout.
Not the largest on record but it did put a good bend it the rod.

On my last visit I thought the mayfly hatch was over but surprisinly on this dull day
the mayflies were out in force.
Unfortunately the fish were not rising, only the yellow wagtails had a field day.