On oct. 7th. I started my journey from the Netherlands to the United States.
From Amsterdam it went to Atlanta,GA en then further to Ft. Myers,FL.
My final destination Naples,FL was reached past midnight.

The first fishing session took me to the beach in the afternoon where the sound
of crashing waves did not forebode anything good.
The water had no visibility so sight fishing was out of the question.
As the Ospreys had taken to the sky some sort of fish had to be around.

IMG 2330
IMG 2331
IMG 2334

At the breakwaters at the end of the beach I did notice the distinct fin of a
Tarpon moving along the waves.
As it was high tide the breakwaters where partially submerged, combined with
the waves I could not scale them.
Instead I fished the edges which yielded me a small jack crevalle.

IMG 2338
IMG 2341
IMG 2335

As the tide was moving in I decided to hop in to the inlet and wade along
the jetty where snook might be roaming.
Despite the off color water I got a couple of those, small ones but snook nonetheless.
A slow start but fish where present.

IMG 2343
IMG 2349
IMG 2350
IMG 2352
IMG 2354