In the winter months the fishing in the small streams I frequent usually comes
to a halt as fish seem to dissappear for overwintering.
Since temperatures where favorable I could not resist to visit one of the streams
to look for myself how things where going.

It looked pretty bleak in the outdoors as most trees had shed their leaves.
Still there where a few midges on the waters surface and I even spotted a
rising fish.

If I had taken the dry fly box with me I would have tried but I only carried nymphs
and streamers.
I tossed in a size 16 goldbead pheaseanttail nymph and soon had the first bites.
The fish turned out to be small chub, the big ones I had seen during the summer
where not to be seen.

Maybe I could lure the big chub by fishing a small zonker streamer in the
deeper sections of the stream.
I probed the mostly likely places with the streamer but only got one hit which 
resulted in a bitten off tail of the streamer, most likely a pike.
There where no more hits on the streamer so I tied on a nymph again.
The nymph yielded one larger chub.

The forecast clouds rolled in around afternoon when I decided to call it a day.
First the rain was light but then it just poured and it did not stop untill the
Still a very informative day as I had expected all fish action would be over 
because of the late season.

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