Forecast was a warm day and indeed it was, the wind however was a factor I had not thought of.
Plan A. was to check out the chub stream and see if there were any chub feeding in the surface.
Plan B. was to check the usual haunts for fish.

The wind was way heavier than I had expected and to fish the open water of plan A did not seem
like a good idea as that surface feeding would probably be off.
So plan B was set in motion but the water in the stream was pretty low and I hardly could get any
fish. The nymph yielded some smaller dace and behold a gudgeon but that was about it.
Off course I made several casts to the goldfish I spotted but to no avail.

Further upstream I witnessed some heavy surface feeding and so I checked out the commotion
and noticed that oddly it where not the dace but the roach that where surface feeding.
To get into casting range I had to get into the stream for a proper shot.
I made some acceptable casts and finally hooked the largest roach of the school … for a moment.
The roach got away and before I knew it about 25 roach raced past me … fish gone.

The mill pool yielded a few fish but nothing special.
I did notice some dark shadows moving up and down the pool but I could not make out what
kind of fish they were … at least not eating fish.

Action was slow, plenty of debris in the water ranging from blossom remnants to other parts of foliage and
mats of algae that came floating of the streambed.
Time for plan A and when on scene I noticed that the chub stream did not carry a lot of water.
Even worse was that the strong wind prevented all the flotsam to move downstream so the surface was 
full of debris.
Some fish where rising and a few small dace where caught on a small sedge.
The rises where very sporadic though and with the strong wind fishing was not easy.
The first chub was caught on sight, the second larger one just by chance as it took the fly near the far bank.

I visited one last spot hoping for a bream or a large chub at stream A.
The fish where packed in one pool, a mix of bream, roach, dace and probably chub.
Almost no hits on the fly though and in the end all I could manage was a small dace and a roach.

I had expected more from this day but it is still early season so hopefully conditions will improve 
next month.