I went on another excursion to the stream, still not warm and struggled to get some fish.
This day was another one colder than Christmas so one for the records.
Due to some miscommunication my buddy and I ended up at the wrong spot which was
only good when fish where stocked.
It did not take long to figure out that the fish where scarce as the usual telltale signs of
fish presence just where not there.

Still a deep fish nymph did yield some of the smaller fish from the deeper holes and I
actually lost a trout that was about legal size.
My buddy was in conflict with the trees and streambed constantly and was not that
happy as he was in his own words "more busy with tying on tippet, flies and getting untangled" 
than fishing.
Oh ... just wait untill all the foliage is fully out ... sheer hell in the jungle :-)

As fishing was not that great I took out the landing net for some stream sampling.
I kicked up some stones and debris with the net positioned downstream and got a nice
collection of scuds, caddis larvae and a stone loach.

After a while my buddy and I concluded that the stretch we where fishing at sucked so
off to a more urban setting where fishing could be better.
I managed a few dace and roach and for a moment it got exciting as a brown trout
raced behind a roach I had caught.
Off course I tried to get the trout but he would not come out of lair for a go at either nymph
or streamer.
Dace where rising in the stream so I ended the day with a dace on a sedge pattern.