The session did not turn out as planned as the usual suspects would not cooperate but if you know your haunts there is always something possible.

After the housemartins I finally have seen the common swifts again soaring above the city.
Also spotted today the first big mayflies.

The chub spot did not boast a lot of rising fish but they where out there and I got a few smaller ones on the sedge despite the lack of rises and subdued weather.
With the arrival of the big mayflies I am hoping for some stable warm weather because that could be the ticket for catching a big one ... seen them but not surface feeding ... yet.

The lower section of the stream had very dirty water, lots of floating algea patches that come off from the streambed.
Upstream sections still clear but the level of the water is low.

Fish where present but in the shallows you usually get one shot at fish before they scoot of for safer pastures.