I was early out and about on this day and surprisingly catching loads of roach.
The normally more eager dace where keeping quiet.
The mill bypass was still not finished and now they estimated that it would be ready in June ... six months late.
Off course the budget for the works had been exceeded accordingly and what I could figure from the German
newspaper reports was that the weekly progress meetings where not happy affairs.

The issue the local fisherman have with the works is that the lowering of the mill weir due to the works
has caused the water level upstream to drop several feet meaning all the fish are gone because
there was no place to hide anymore.
Maybe they will return once the works have finished.
What I did notice in the village where the logs put in vertically in the streambed at the most desolate 
featureless section of the stream in the middle of the village.
I am pretty sure these have been put in by the local fishing club and will in the end be part of a
construction to create deeper pools in the otherwise flat sandy bottom.

On this day the pub that I frequented in the past was reopened under new management as I sat
down at my usual spot in front of the fireplace I noticed that they had done some rebuilding works.
The fireplace was molested with a glass cover, sheer sacrilege for something build in 1794.
Sure it would be more fuel efficient but it just did not seem right to do such a thing.
I tried to order a beer and some food but was told that on this opening day only the beer garden
was open. It was a miscalculation from me that things would be as in the past as on this day the
only food could be obtained from a snack caravan in the yard and the only beer served was in
plastic cups ... bloody heretics :-)
At least the band they hired was pretty good and the weather stayed warm and nice.
As I sat in the beer garden I ran into some of my local fishing club members so I spend maybe
a bit too much time drinking that fishing but it was sunny and warm so not a real punishment
to be outside.
Afterwards I tried for larger trout in some of the upstream sections of the stream but could not
get any fish although there were some sporadic rises from fish every time in different spots.
A nice day to be in the outdoors.