Hot and sunny weather was the ticket for a little exploration to find the big chub.
Mayflies plentiful but nothing rising for them.
The first fish I came across where a couple of hefty carp and they were surface
Could have had a go at them but without a proper net I decided to leave them be.

At the mill the weir was raised so the flow was almost non-existent.
Tossing a small tungsten nymph in that stagnant pool did of course not do the trick.
A light unweighted midge got a few silver fish.
Off course in time the weir was lowered and water began to rush downstream so
back to the weighted nymph that yielded perch and roach.
Spotted the perch jumping at the weir …. Have not seen that one before,

Further downstream the bream where stacked but they had no interest at all in the
fly, other fish were also absent or unwilling so it was finally off to the chub stream.
Again loads of mayflies but no rising fish.
I spotted one stationary smaller chub near a rock and when I tossed my sedge near
the stone I had an instant take, the hook came out though … fish lost.

I had expected more activity in the surface but it was pretty dead concerning rising fish.
With some luck I nailed a small chub on a dry and that was it.
Bigger ones spotted but all moving around at high speed not looking for surface food.
I cancelled the dry fly fishing and had a last attempt with the nymph for a big chub.
After a few drifts I hooked a solid fish but the battle was short as the hook came out
I saw color and suspected it was a big chub.

Ended the day at the pub and ran into some acquaintances from my German syndicate
so I stayed to long in the beer garden.
Last action before sunset was to probe a bridge which yielded the last fish of the day,
a nice roach.