Started out late at the chub spot hoping to toss flies at cruising chub but I had not taken in account the wind. It was blowing so hard that the mayflies flew backwards.
Only some tiny fish where visible in the surface.
I tried to fish the nymph but the wind constantly picked up the fly line so no joy.

Tried the home waters next and noticed the water was low, very low.
Fish plenty but no takers.
A few carp where spawning and the trout I spotted scooted off leaving only a cloud
of mud behind.
Things where not going well at all. 
At the mill pool I spotted fish over a sandbar and got one pretty deformed roach.
Nothing much happening at the mill pool either so off to the forest where I managed
a tiny dace, a small roach and a small brown trout.
The last fish was the largest of the three and what was even better was the fact that
I spotted it rising and got it on the dry fly.

Already late in the day I decided to take a break and headed to the pub … where the
cook had his day off … bugger.
Luckily the landlady was able to conjure some French fries with a curry sausage so I did
not leave the premises with an empty belly.

Figuring the days results where a bit meager I pondered if the golden hour would mean
something at the old haunts which I had not fished for ages.
We’ll it did, at the first spot where I suspected fish I hooked a little brown trout.
Not long after that another trout hit the nymph but managed to throw the hook.
At a bend in the stream fish where rising, I believed it where dace.
I continued nymph fishing and had takes but the fish where quite small.

The sun was already low in the sky and light was fading but I still had one spot to visit.
A submerged tree stump was my last hope for catching something decent.
I could see from the strike indicator that fish where present and inspecting the nymph.
First I hooked a decent dace that came off, then a small one.
Next I finally hooked something sizable and could see that it was a trout.
Unfortunately the hook came out and I cursed myself for losing the fish.
The only thing to do was to continue fishing and hoping the spot would yield some more
fish.  It did as a while later I caught another good dace.

The icing on the cake was the last fish of the day.
When I hooked the fish I knew I was in for a battle and when I saw color I knew it was
a trout.  The trout tried to take me under the submerged tree stump and surround branches
but I could counter every escape and finally held a fine trout in my hand.
Couldn’t have hoped for a better end of the day that started so mediocre.