Mayflies everywhere but no fish on them.
Tried the usual haunts and managed a few roach. 

Tried the mill pool and got a nice dace on the nymph.
Still could not get my head around the fact that I never catch any perch in the mill pool which
should be the ideal spot for them.
So again I tossed a lure in the pool and behold I got a solid bite ... I think it was a decent trout
but as happens often to me it threw the hook .... bummer. 

The rain started in earnest and it was pouring constantly.
Off to the woods to look for fish but boy it was totally dead ... I wonder what is wrong with the more
remote parts of the stream as you never see something moving there ... well except the mayflies and a pair of nutria's.

Ended the tour at the pub where I dried out and pondered what ever happened to the fish.
Tomorrow I have a little chore at the hatchery, at least I can look at some trout.