As I had a mission at the hatchery I was bright on early on the road.
The weather was in total contrast of yesterday’s downpour, clear blue skies.
Since I was early I found some time to fish the stream and noticed that the
rain had swollen the stream by a couple centimeters and that the water was
For some reason I could not get any takes until at last a roach ended the misery.

With some spare time left I checked out the pool just as the weir was raised.
My nymph glided effortlessly along the pool until the indicator suddenly disappeared.
I was into a good fish and yes, finally a good trout.
Maybe it was the fish I lost yesterday but I think not as this fish looked smaller.
Happy nonetheless I went to the hatchery and met up with one of the regulars 
for some work.
Clouds soon appeared and the wind picked up.

In the afternoon I went to the pub for a meal and did a little fishing afterwards.
My German flyfishing-buddies had their day out today and by pure coincidence
I ran into them. Before I knew it I was back at the beer garden chatting with them
while disposing some wheat beers.
They had done pretty well and from what I did hear large trout where being caught.
Called it a day in the afternoon, great to be out and about today.