Started early and found that my hot spot was not producing any fish.
Tried the mill pool early in the morning and caught some roach and a dace.
Outside the village I did quite well at a weir and probably caught my best
roach of the season but it did not want a picture taken = jumped out of my hand...

Fled to the forest to escape the burning heat and battled a nice trout that 
fled into a deadfall, could not get it out so I had to sever the leader.
The fish got away be it that it now owns one of my barbless nymphs.
The hot weather drained me so I had to recharge at the pub and while I
was at it I had also lunch.

Headed out again into the forest at my old haunts and got three small brown
trout to show for it.
Donated some dries to the trees trying to catch dace, it was a jungle out there and
when you miss the lightning fast strike of the daces you end up in the trees.
Last port of call was the spot where I had lost a good trout earlier.
Did not have any hopes for trout and when I got nibbles on the nymph I thought
it where little dace.
I was wrong off course as a trout took the nymph and once again took me in the
This time I tried to apply maximum pressure on the light tippet and with
some luck I landed the fish.
Sun was setting and as this was the icing on the cake it was back to the pub again
to get dinner … after all somebody requested food pics here …

On my way to the pub I inadvertently made a video call to the Speyco company
so sorry for that Tim, at least we had a nice chat.
Hope to receive a Speyco reel soon to be fitted to my Bamboo rod that my buddy
Wiebe made for me…

Still lots of Mayflies about plus other insects so fish are feeding on top … at times though
and it really depends on the location.
I found today that the open spots did not yield any dry fly action but the protected areas
in the forest had rising fish and more insects around.