Again on the road despite the tropical temperatures of 30 degrees C and
imminent warnings of hail, lightning and excessive rain.
I finally hooked the trout that has been avoiding me for the last couple of
weeks and it pulled quite strong.
I really thought I had the fish and the net was at the ready but blast the hook
went out and launched itself in the tree branch above me.

Fishing the nymph was quite worthless as the fish mostly ignored it.
Fish started to rise so I got a nice dace on the sedge.
Off course all the racket combined with the low water meant that all dace
present went into dive mode.

In the burning sun I fished the mill pool and spotted as usual fish over the sandbar
nearshore.  It was skinny water and as the nymph did not achieve results I tried a
sedge which was equally ignored.
The moment of opportunity  came when the mill weir was raised and the circulation
in the pool ceased.
The water cleared and behold big dace and roach everywhere … some river monsters
where amongst them.
So the fun started and I could sight fish for the dace which would cautiously take the
fly from the surface.

Of course after a short time the weir was lowered again and all the debris on the water
made it difficult to spot and single out fish.
I tried a small lure I recently made just to see if anything would go after it and behold
the tiny perch showed interest.
From the middle of the pool however I received some good pulls and as I reeled in a small
perch I spotted some of its larger family members following.
I tried to copy the action but alas it was short lived and no further contacts came.

At another weir I figured out where the fish where hiding and when I finally decided to
wade in the now shallow water with my wellies barely afloat the bites came after another.
Mostly roach and a little brown trout came to hand and off course plenty of fish lost.
Meanwhile the heat was getting to much so it was off to the pub for some cold beers
and dinner.

Near sunset I tried the forest once again but action was slow, still managed a good dace
and a couple of small ones but no trout or roach to be found.
Thunderclouds where in the distance and some alarming sounds came from the cloud.
Luckily it was only one patch and far away so in the end nothing materialized.
As usual this warm weather period will end with a bang early in the morning, some
water is more than welcome right now.