It rained in the night and the stream was a tiny pit higher.
Water was quite murky and off course full of debris on the surface due to the thunderstorms in the night.

I pestered the trout I lost yesterday and had a few cautious takes but in the end he had enough of me and scooted off to the next pool.

The mill pool was dirty and although fish where sporadically rising it made no sense tossing a dry fly
in all the floating foam on the surface.
The nymph yielded some fish from underneath the drop off at the weir but in general slow action.

At another weir I got a few nice roach with one big enough to use the net, off course there are
bigger fish in the stream but catching them is a different cup of tea.

The pub was inadvertently closed due to “ family issues”  as the sign stated so no break at the end
of the day.
I ended the day at a recently removed weir and boy it was absolutely dead down there, could not
spot a single fish.
Just above the location however I sighted some of the carp that used this section of the stream
as their home, they were restlessly moving about so no feeding.
Tied on the bread fly and behold one came for it but decided not to take it at the last minute.
Weather was a bit off for that kind of action as it rained and it was very windy.