Checked the weather totals of this month in the morning and noticed that the month
May lacked 50% precipitation, it showed when we were at the stream this morning.
I showed my colleague where the trout was located that eluded me on the previous
visits and he did his best to get the fish on the fly but alas failed also.

In the meantime I went off to the mill pool where an excavator was busy digging out the
last part of the fish ladder that would circumvent the mill.
The bridge foundations for the access road where already placed and the bridge was lying
ready for lifting on the construction site.
I fished again right at the weir  and got two roach this time even on my own build
holy grail pattern that I originally intended for trout only.
Not a hot bite at the weir so I tried a lure again but nothing was chasing the fly.

When the weir was raised again and the flow stopped I could wade out onto the sandbar
and as I had tied on a sedge based on previous experiences I waited for the water to calm
and the fish to show themselves.
Just like clockwork the dace appeared in the surface and I got one good shot at a fish and
landed it.

We checked out some upstream parts of the stream where I hooked one more roach and
missed a couple of good strikes.
Time flew and before we knew it lunch time had arrived … off to the pub thus.
The beers where delivered fast but there was a slight hiccup with the food … the cook had to
go shopping for ingredients …. alas time was on our hands so we waited .

The last part of the session was spend in the forest where I fished a very shallow part.
Fish where rising on a regular basis, after a short and fruitless attempt in nymph fishing the
CDC sedge was tied on and the fish began to hit the fly.
The dace where fast and I missed many hits, the first fish that stayed put was a brown trout.
I spotted another brown trout but apparently my presentation was not up to scratch.
As it was an overcast day I could hardly see the fly on the water in the dark forest so that did not
My friend also spotted trout but had no luck catching them.

As we packed our gear I pointed out that I had seen a big trout near the bridge we were parked
and before we left we tried to spot the fish.
We managed to locate the fish and figured it was beyond 12 inches so pretty decent for the ditch
we fished … next time.