Today I went straight to the forest to scout for the big trout that I had lost previously and to
just see what was out there for me.
In some parts fish where rising but only small dace from what I could tell.
I fished some of the undercut banks with small nymphs and had some nibbles but no solid

The big trout was still around but again in such a difficult spot that I could not reach it
Besides that the water low and the overhanging trees hindered me in making a roll
In hindsight I should have taken the 6 footer with me …
All I could muster from the vicinity of the big trout was a roach that was hiding close to the bank
in a small depression, a few inches is all it takes in a little stream to house fish.

I backtracked picked some tiny dace from several small pools, not much going on thus.
With all the debris in the stream I once again did a little insect / bottom feeder inspection and found
a ton of loaches under a piece of wood.

In the afternoon I held my usual break at the pub and headed out for one last session in
the hope that the big trout would have moved in a more favorable position.
It turned out differently as I could not find the big trout anymore.
Some rising fish where found at the same spot I visited yesterday and I caught the same
brown trout again on a small sedge.

On my way to some other pools I crossed  a maize field and noticed that some of the plants
had been eaten by some kind of critter.
In the sand I could distinctively see the track of a tail.
When I crawled down the embankment to the water I spotted the culprits, muskrats.
The low light prevented me from making a decent picture but I guess sooner or later I will
see them again.
If you do not move they will swim happily past you …

The last pools housed small roach and dace and behold I even got a little trout from under
the tree roots.
I think I will give the fish a break for the time being and hope some decent rain will fill up the
groundwater table so we can have some more water in the stream.