I found the time for a little road trip to a stream in Germany and quite frankly had
a blast fishing there as it was pretty good.
Stocked fish mostly but then again a lot of them and pretty strong contestants for
the full flex four weight rod I was fishing with.

At times the dry fly fishing was excellent as big mayflies where about and sometimes
a sedge pattern produced a lot of fish.
Nymph fishing was quite decent and when all action stopped a streamer often got
the fish out of their hiding spots.

I had hoped to take my splitcane rod out for the first time but the reel I ordered 
arrived at my home when I was already on the road.
In hindsight though I would not have been able to use the cane rod anyway because

the hardware to house the reel was a tad too tight.
My buddy who build the rod will do some rework on it and maybe on the next road
trip I might use the cane rod in earnest.

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