Two days after the rain front passed the stream was back again to its low summer state.
I had hoped the water would have been cleared up more but there was still a lot of
sediment floating in the water making the stream look murky.
A first cast left me with a (for this stream) decent size roach and I hoped more would
follow. Alas only in my dreams as oddly I could not generate any more bites.
It was strange that I could not spot any fish … the water looked pretty dead.

I tried fishing the mill but to my surprise the recently opened bypass had no flow and
the mill weir was lowered again.
Also on this spot no life to be seen, the sections above the mill lacked water plus fish.
With some light rain falling I headed for the pub for lunch in the afternoon.

Plan B came into action namely fishing the part of the stream in the forest and there
fish where present in numbers.
I was not good in the getting the trout as of the six I connected with only two where landed.
By now the skies had darkened completely and I received an involuntary shower.
The fish however did not seem to mind and I still got bites from roach, dace, trout and
even some stray rudd.