My plan for the day was to go after the chub in one of the feeder streams of the main river
but when you cross that river it would be a shame not to fish it first.
The iffy weather ... lots of wind and rain ... kind of made it unpleasant to be outside and
the fish with the exception of a few small roach and chub where not really motivated to bite.

The weather slightly improved later on when I was at the feeder stream, a chub hot spot.
Fishing the dry fly would be the best way to get to the chub but the stiff breeze over the
water made me fish the nymph instead.
As the water was shallow I fished the nymph barely under the surface with an indicator
and chub after chub fell for it.
No monsters as the big ones usually preferred the deeper water and where impossible to
sneak up to due to the high banks.

The bite was good but eventually tapered off as the fish had become wary of all the commotion
every time a fish was landed.
I tried fishing the rocks at the removed weir but no joy, this called for a change in the scenery.
Being late in the day a visit to the pub for lunch was in order.

As I was now near the main river the next goal would be to catch a trout.
With the sun low in the sky I visited a likely trout hiding place and actually landed a nice
little brown trout.
At further down the line I had two more trout but lost both fish. 
The first one threw the hook shortly after the hookup while number two went skywards and
managed to throw the hook that way.
I ended the day with a small dace and perch.

As the sun had already set and the bats where flying around me I was not able to see
the indicator anymore and thought it would be a wise move to call it a day.
It was nice as the chub cooperated and that wished for trout came true.