As I left the stream the day before around Bat time ... aka dusk I had some difficulties in getting up in the morning.
Instead of going fishing as it was already afternoon I headed straight for the pub for lunch.
My host warned me not to fall asleep and that sure was a risk after consuming a good meal with some cold ones.
It seemed I was at risk of becoming a pub regular as I got a drink from the local distillery on the house.

The next action was to actually go fishing and just like the day before I had set my mind to catch a trout.
Strong wind and regular rain showers where a hindrance but a break in the clouds enabled the sun to light
up a section of the stream.
The sunlight revealed a stationary trout at the front of a pool and I did my best to get a fly near that fish without 
hooking one of the many trees around me.
The trout came around two times for a look but I guess it looked to fishy for the fish.
I persevered and fished the general area where I had spotted the fish, it worked.

As it was summertime it meant that the already shallow stream was severely lacking deeper pools so
it was hard to find any spots holding fish.
At one of the slightly deeper holes I got a good take and thought at first I had hooked a trout as the fish
immediately dove into a submerged brush.
I could coax the fish out of the debris and was surprised to find a roach at the end of the line.
As it was Sunday there where to many people out and about at this fishing location so I called it a day

What I did notice lately where the many mushrooms sprouting out of the ground and slightly discolored
leaves on the trees. Fall already ? we did not even had a proper summer...