On this day I was fishing one of the feeder streams in my local area.
Technically this particular stream was just a little smaller than the main river and
had as a bonus the presence of loads of chub.
First though it was the main river and a spot behind a small hydroelectric plant
yielded some small fish for me, a very shallow section.

The particular hotspot at the feeder-stream for me was a wide and flat section in front of
a replaced weir. The weir itself was replaced by a series of cascades fitted
with rocks to overcome the height difference.
The wide and shallow section in front of the weir had a tiled bottom covered
by a little sand ... you could spot the fish easily ... they could also see you very well.

This was a spot for the dry fly and with some luck I caught a few nice fish on the
sedge. Off course I spotted the big ones as well further upstream amongst the 
extensive jungle of aquatic plants. With the steep banks and the plants 
breaking the surface it was a. impossible to sneak up on the big fish and to b.
make a viable drift of the fly.

I did have a go at the fish in the cascades but all I got where small dace and
some tiny brown trout.