With the chub being so responsive lately I once again fished my chub hotspot.
The first thing I noticed was the ridiculously low water levels at my favorite chub hole.
Hole being maybe the wrong word as the depth was not a mere 10cm ... in the middle of the stream.
Even the landing of the fly + leader on the water scared the chub and made them scatter into all

After landing a few fish the action was more or less over as the fish became wary.
The big ones where once again on station but usually located in the thick cover of the aquatic plants.
With the low water level and the fact that the plants where protruding the surface casting to them
was impossible.
If I would ever hook a big fish down there I would probably have to wade in as the fish would 
immediately dive into the plants.

A few casts in the fast water of the removed weir yielded a tiny trout and a nice roach.
I spend quite some time tossing flies to the chub in the rapids but they would not have it.

I spend some time on a few more remote locations but in the almost stagnant water
the only fish I could manage where small chub and dace.
The riffles in the outback did have some big fish in them, chub and most likely barbel
or slim carp but impossible to approach.

It occurred to me that the layout of the stream really worked against me.
A small shallow stream, heavily overgrown banks on a 45 degree angle.
You just could not sneak up to the fish and make a proper cast while not scaring the fish away.

I returned to the spot I started late in the day and as the water was so low I decided to
wade in with my wellies and make long casts to fish far far away.
That yielded some more chub but none of the monster size ones.
So hoping for more water in the stream, might get a big one before the season ends.