There was a deluge yesterday in the area of my syndicate, trash bins where floating through the
streets …
A stationary front dumped such an amount of water in a short time that the drainage system could
not cope, cellars got flooded … emergency services and the fire brigade worked overtime.

So fishing the stream was maybe not the smartest thing to do today but as the syndicate had the
annual ladies fishing event I made the pilgrimage anyway.
As expected the stream was dirty and high but judging by the deposited dirt on the banks it had dropped considerably.

I fished one of my sure shot spots without even getting a single bite which caused me to worry extremely,  blanking … no that could not be.
The second spot yielded bites and the day saver came in the form of a mighty gudgeon.
Fishing the pool thoroughly even brought a nice little brown to the surface.

With fish being caught my day was saved and off course that had to be celebrated in the pub with
lunch of some cold beers.
After lunch I met up with the syndicate members at the mill and was ready to watch the ladies going
I had the luck to be assigned to catch fish for the lady of the house that hosted our syndicate on their grounds and
so I was tasked to get three trout out of the mill pool.

It was a difficult task with that stained water but when the roach started taking the nymph I
suspected that the trout would do the same eventually.
It turned out they did and with some luck I got the required trout in the allotted time.
All the ladies caught their fair share of fish and the new angling queen was celebrated with
coffee, cake and Champaign.
A very pleasant fall day … perfect weather for the venue.